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“I believe the future is about creating spaces of meaningful connections not by building walls, but by bridging affinities that cut across disciplines, professions, sectors, and cultures. For this to happen we need optimistic leaders, thinkers and doers who understand the urgency of our times, who think beyond the ‘here and the now’ and put their skills, passions, and talents to work in a collective effort to make a difference. This is the greatest transformation I embarked on, not only because I believe it is possible, but because I believe it is necessary!”

Paola Granati

what i bring to the table

With 25 years of global corporate HR experience, a life long journey in entrepreneurial projects and a multicultural background, I have had the privilege to lead numerous projects and take on important  leadership roles that always had four things in common: change, transformation, people and performance.

Thanks to these unique experiences I developed a deep understanding and expertise on  how to lead complex change initiatives and leverage leadership, organization design and team performance to achieve maximum results.

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More specifically, my areas of expertise are:

  • Culture management, change management and transformation processes including M&As and post integration projects
  • Ideation, facilitation and brain storming for innovation and problem solving
  • Vision, mission and strategy alignment for start-ups and corporations
  • Leadership and executive coaching for newly appointed and experienced leaders
  • Team development: from formation to high performance
  • Organization design and capability building
  • Career management, career turns and career development programs
  • HR strategy linked to business strategy
  • Professional growth and development
  • Coaching for performance and purpose
  • Event and workshop development: from ideation to execution
  • Creative development of music and entertainment projects

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Invest In Yourself.

If you can imagine transforming your world of work into your passion and harnessing the power of your multiple skills to achieve your goals and fulfil your aspirations, then learning how to invest in yourself, and how to become an entrepreneur of your life needs to be at the top of your priority list.

Developing  a strong portfolio of offerings based on your natural talents, having a clear sense of purpose and direction on where, when and how to position those offerings, and  feeling confident about who you are and what you are worth, are what this space is all about!



Invest In People.

If you can imagine a world where talent is no longer the ownership of any one given organization, where open source cultures are the new normal and where leaders hire entrepreneurial talent because of their unique set of capabilities, experiences and career paths, then you know that continuing to invest in people, in their employability and in their skills needs to be part of your overall people and culture strategy.

Designing organizational cultures and processes that can attract and develop the fluid workforces of tomorrow needs to start today because this requires a radical change in organisational strategy, mindset and offerings.  This is what this space wants to propose!



Invest In Creativity.

If you can imagine a world where great minds come together from different businesses, professions, backgrounds to share ideas, experiences, knowledge and address topics that are relevant to our society and communities, then dedicating a space for creative encounters, events and forums is one of the ways of making it happen.

Bringing people together playfully and creatively is one of the best ways to expand our own creativity and come up with new innovative ideas that would otherwise not  emerge without an inclusive safe space that allows true magic to happen!



Paola Granati is the amazing professional that we all seek to be in our lives both personally and as we embark our career journeys. Her passions run deep in the belief in our society, our talents and that which drives us to be our best. Consequently, she serves as a great advisor to business leaders, coaching partner for strategic designs and… A consulting friend to be a thought partner on finding our purpose.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Paola for many years. Encountering her first in her role as an HR executive leader. I had the chance to watch her from afar and learned and grew from seeing her approach on how to lead indirectly and directly. From there, our friendship blossomed and we’ve become coaching partners for our mutual entrepreneur ventures.

It is this aspect of consideration of people and culture that we see in her creative side: in her music business, vocal talent and tenacious way of getting the right things done. It is this variety of person that makes any association with Paola the best you will ever have!

Susan ChildsFounder and Principle Managing Partner LCA Enterprise LLC Learn|Create|Achieve, Delaware, USA

I have been privileged to know Paola for many years. She encompasses the essence of professionalism, empathy, partnership. I have experienced first hand her ability to dissect complex business situations, identify the key root causes and formulate effective solutions. Organizations, corporate cultures and individuals have all benefitted from Paola's leadership and contribution throughout the years.

Luca NanniVice President Global Operations NPI at Philip Morris International - Lausanne, Switzerland

I’ve known and worked with Paola directly and indirectly for over 20 years and I am always amazed to see the energy and passion she puts behind everything she does and how contagious that is to all of those around her. Her optimism and unwavering belief that we can achieve anything we want to when we set our mind to it and when we work together to make it happen are boosters to give our best. If you are looking for an out of the box thinker, thought leader and change maker she’s the one to go to!

Sandra SilvaArea Leader People at Sonae MC – Porto, Portugal

Paola is a superb people’s leader. She challenges you to think creatively on how to improve things, do more with less, improve efficiency, always with a Company hat on, but putting the person at the Center of everything. I felt that, the time I spent with her, I grew both professionally and personally. She stretched me to think in a more diverse way, to find solutions, not problems and, to be a better skilled person in life. Grazie mile Paola.

Miguel Del Coso SanchezLead HRBP, International Commercial at BVI Medical, London, UK

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Paola on numerous occasions. What I appreciate most about her is her strategic thinking, willingness to be a thought partner, ability to work through challenges with you and/or the team, creative approach, and broad array of people insights. On top of that, she is a fun person that makes work enjoyable.

Julie KimPresident Plasma-Derived Therapies Business Unit - Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd, Zurich, Switzerland

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