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Creativity is the gate way to possibility. It opens our hearts and minds to the imagination and transforms the unthinkable into the possible. It connects where we separate and divide, it expands where we narrow down, it opens options and offers solutions when we are stuck in problems. The more creative we are in building spaces and not walls and in bringing diverse voices to the table to tackle common themes, the better our present and future can be.

Curtains Up! Spotlight On!

The whole world is a stage and we are all called upon to choose what role we want play. When we decide to hide our creative talents and tone down the brightness of our colours, we are not only depriving others from the greatness of who we are but we are mostly depriving ourselves from the possibility to grow. Because we can only grow together, when we are open to exposing our ideas, our arguments, our expertise not so that our voice prevails over the voice of others but so that our voice blends in with the others and together we create new harmonies.

This is what this space is about! Bringing people together from different disciplines, backgrounds, professions, lifting that curtain and putting the spotlight on our diverse colours, voices, experiences so we can better perform on the world’s stage as actors of change and transformation. Be open to experiment and discover! Wonderfully strange, unexpected and MAGICAL things happen when we do!

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Take a moment to check out my latest creative work! After two years in the making, my new EP, A WOMAN WITH A SOUL, is now out with 5 NEW Songs, each one very different from one another but all equal expressions of a free soul! 

The choice of the title comes from one of my favourite songs in this album called 1929 – A Woman With A Soul. This song wants to celebrate and pay tribute to the work of Virginia Woolf and the many women who came before us with courage and determination to fight for our right to be respected as independent and free individuals. 


click on the images to hear a sample of each one


Behind every candle there are 100 million people and 100 million voices that long to be heard. They are the displaced people of the world who travel far and wide for a better life. The dark and sombre electro pop atmosphere co-created with Philipp Erdin sets the right tone for this song.


In September 1929, Virginia Woolf published her famous essay, A Room of One’s Own. With this song I want to give resonance to the importance of her work and encourage women to continue to strive for economic independence and share their work of genius through their creative spirit. 


“She hears the key opening the door. She hears his footsteps on the floor. She’s been through this many times before and she knows she’s up for more.” This is how the song begins. It is the infolding of a story we’d rather not hear but that’s the reason it needs to be told time and time again.


“I wish I could find all the words to say, all these thoughts that are in my head. I watch them go as they flow, as they flow”. What more is there to say? With this song I give room for the words to fly away like a “bird on wings of notes”.


Released as a single in 2021, the upbeat and happy nature of this tune is what makes it catchy and fun to sing along with. It is the joy of free spirits that come alive in the night and let themselves go to the rhythm of the beat. 

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The Project Team.

The launch of an EP is so much more than simply recording songs and distributing them on digital platforms. It is a full blown project that takes between 2 to 3 years from idea to launch. The process goes through many stages and it involves a variety of people with different skills that join at different times.  Here is the team that made it happen: 

  • Co-Producer & Sound Engineer: Philipp Erdin
  • Musicians: Roger Hintermann (drums), Stephan Vonwiller (bass), Matthias Horvath (guitar), Philipp Erdin (keyboards), Dijana Vidovic (back up vocalist) & Noelle Bobst (back up vocalist)
  • Photographer: Evi Fragolia (and her wonderful pets, Melis and Butterscotch with their special appearance during the photo shoot!)
  • Art Design: Andrea Bressan
  • Digital Marketing: Martin Ulmann & Z Digital Agency 


Collage | Paola Granati

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