A transformational experience to reconnect with your values & true aspirations and bond with like-minded professionals.

Exclusive weekend retreats for today’s professionals who want a break from work and evaluate their next steps.  

A holistic approach in a judgment-free space to reflect, evaluate and rediscover your next steps in career and life.

The world of work is changing, and so are you. Taking time to reflect on yourself, what you’ve accomplished and what you still aspire to do can lead you to important decisions that impact your professional and personal relationships. These moments are exciting but can also be daunting if they are not tackled in a systematic and thoughtful way. 

If you are seeking guidance and clarity on your next step, then these exclusive retreats are for you. They will give you the tools and support you need to decide what is best for you. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how rich your world of work can be when you start looking at work-life differently! 

the World of Work career RETREATS

Who you are:

  • You seek fulfilment and not only achievement; you’re already good at that!
  • You have goals, dreams, aspirations that you want to explore further;
  • You seek guidance on how to take the next steps systematically and purposefully;
  • You long to learn new ways of seeing your World of Work and shape it differently;
  • You need space to reflect and a method to articulate your thoughts;
  • You aspire to connect with like minded professionals as sparring partners;
  • You are open to think beyond the constructs and boundaries of the current World of Work;
  • You are curious to discover what else is out there and in you!

What you get:

  • 5 weeks of regular touch points with 4 on-line guided sessions with your cohort.
  • In-person weekend retreat in a picturesque location (accommodation and catering all incl.)
  • Systemic group coaching with me,  Paola Granati (see bio).
  • Simple methodologies for you to design your future areas of interest.
  • Assignments and thinking exercises to put the tools and methodologies to work.
  • Your personal WoW travel kit to capture your reflections, learning and goals.

What you gain:

Headspace & time!
To reflect on yourself, your current world of work, and your future aspirations without daily distractions.

Clarity & new perspective!
Silence the noise and focus on what’s important for you now. You will learn how with the WoW tools, frameworks and ways of repurposing work.

Group coaching & guidance!
To help you reveal what your natural strengths are, and where you can best put them to use based on live feedback from your cohort.

Discovery & reconnection!
Of what propels you forward and gives you that extra power needed to reach your goals safely and with successfully.

Network & community!
Of like-minded professionals who, like you, have decided to shape their future rather than be shaped by it.

Memorable & impactful experiences!
That transform the way you see your World of Work in a fun and relaxed environment.




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