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On July 8th when I pressed “publish” for the very first episode of the World of Work Podcast, the WoW, I had no clue what to expect!

All I knew was that I was publishing a voice, soon to be followed by other voices, and more importantly I was launching an idea and a vision that goes beyond a podcast. The vision is simple in nature yet more complex in execution: how to bring work closer to people and people closer to work. And I believe it starts by putting the WoW back to work and back into the concept of work!

The starting point though had to be how to first provide support where support is most needed: for those job seekers and professionals who are looking for new opportunities now. And to date, 3 months later, we celebrate 5 Episodes published and 300 downloads!!

This is an important milestone because it shows not only there is a need (the job market clears shows that) but it shows that the WoW has a voice that is being heard. The next step is not only to continue with the episodes and to build community, followership and traction but it is more importantly to make a significant difference in the World of Work and in how individuals, companies and governments approach it. Ambitious, I know, but it’s am ambition worth pursuing!

That said, for now, let’s pause and take a moment to celebrate the 1st milestone !

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