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Part 1
How to become the CEO of your life! w/Lewis Male

In this episode, I was sitting on the other side of the microphone as guest speaker at Lewis Maleh’s podcast and LIVE show called The Recruitment Show. Lewis invited me to talk about my story and share some thoughts on my experience and what it’s been to change paths and become a CEO of my life, which to me means a Creative Explorer of Opportunities! In PART 1, we touch upon many topics: how people can take control of their careers, the importance of knowing how the corporate system works if you want to be successful in that environment, and even more importantly how to value your self worth. If it’s true that people are the most important assets in companies then we have to start believing that ourselves first ! Lewis Maleh is founder and CEO of Bentley Lewis, an award winning boutique executive search firm with offices in London, Miami and New York. He also hosts 2 podcast shows: Don’t take out your phone! and The Recruitment Show.

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