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Season 3. Ep. 5 Part 1

The Complex World of People and Emotions @ Work w/ Roxana Petrus

How we show up at work determines to a great extent how we feel at work. Our complex inner world made of emotions, thoughts, expectations of oneself and others plays a huge role in shaping our wellbeing. Unlike what many people think, we can greatly influence the environment we are in provided we check in with ourselves and keep ourselves honest! Occasionally taking the time to ensure that what we do is in line with what’s important for us is a good reminder as to why we get up in the morning in the first place.

Join Paola Granati and Roxana Petrus in Part 1 of this episode of the World of Work podcast, the WoW.

Roxana is a coach, psychologist and consultant with a background in psychotherapy and transformational coaching. Originally from Romania, Transylvania (yes, the place with all the vampires), now living in beautiful Luzern on a farm surrounded by llamas, alpacas, dogs, cats and the stillness of breathtaking nature.

With over a decade of experience, she currently supports individuals, leaders, and teams in achieving their goals and navigating personal and professional challenges. She delivers individual and team coaching, training and diverse learning experiences around human skills development, emotional agility, communication and collaboration, productivity and satisfaction, leadership and self-leadership.

With a master’s degree in psychology and advanced training in cognitive behavior psychotherapy, Roxana previously worked as a CBT psychotherapist in private practice and on an online therapy platform for anxiety disorders. She was also the founder and president of an NGO active in the mental health awareness area.

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