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The Making of “1929 – A Woman With A Soul” Music Video

In this episode I share my thoughts on my first music video production experience: what I discovered, what I struggled with and what I loved!

The making of the “1929 – A Woman With A Soul” video was truly revealing for it gave me a sneak peek into a World of Work I had never experienced before.

The amount of work, the attention to detail, the constant eye on time efficiency and the ability to give clear instructions and directions to the cast and the team are traits you need to have to be in this profession. For sure there are many more but these ones struck me as being particularly important!

At the end of the day, whatever area you choose to pursue in your world of work, there are no short cuts. You cannot cheat your way to success and to accomplishment. Sometimes you may get lucky but you cannot count on luck alone. So choose wisely and enjoy making mistakes as you learn!

A big thank you goes to all the amazing people who took part of the project!

  • Aurelie Sprenger
  • Patricia Fuster
  • Camille Seillaz
  • Emma Barbagallo
  • Karen Cody
  • Laurene Knowles
  • Christele Gobet
  • Amy Carroll


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