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Part 1
Let’s Get Digital! The importance of Social Media in your Job Search – with Irina Bouras

Social media and how you shape your digital identity on the various platforms is a fundamental part of your job search project. Just make sure you do not create a “persona” which is different from who you are because sooner or later that will come across not only to future employers but also to professional recruiters, like Irina Bouras, whose job is to find and propose the right talent for their clients and who is my special guest in this episode of the WoW! Irina is a Business Partner with 7 years of European experience, starting her career in the Life Sciences industry. She is representing Skills Alliance GmbH in Zurich, Switzerland, a boutique recruitment company specialised in helping organizations be ready for future growth by delivering recruitment services to international organizations in the field of medical technology and biotechnology. Irina is Eastern-European at heart with a curiosity for diverse cultures which is why she lived in Romania, the Czech Republic and now in Switzerland for the last 5 years. People-oriented with a proven technical competence and market knowledge, she strives for efficiency, while continuously seeking new and improved ways of delivering the best talent fit.

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