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Part 1
Discover Your Purpose & Follow Your Dreams w/ Gloria Zhang

There are many reasons I love what I do in the WoW and one of them is to discover and share personal stories that are often our stories and to meet amazing everyday people who have opened their minds to see how very different joyful and fulfilling worlds of work can emerge when we follow our sense of purpose . In this Episode I am joined by Gloria Zhang who changed her corporate World of Work once she discovered what her sense of purpose was and then decided to close one door so she could open another one and explore the wonders it had to offer. There are many nuggets of self-reflection in this episode that I am sure will lead you down an inspiring and peaceful path. Well, at least that’s the effect it had on me! With a background in journalism and 10 years of successful business career in Quality, Supply Chain and New Product Introduction at Diageo, Gloria decided to pivot careers and go for something completed different: museum studies and art heritage! Tune in to her story or watch the video on You Tube. Link in the notes below.

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