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Part 1
Make A Switch & Take the Leap with Christina Hiltscher

If you have ever wanted to make a switch in your career and go for something different but have been hesitating on how to go about it, then this episode divided in 2 parts is for you. It is not easy to take the leap and there are many factors to consider before you do! I talk about it with Christina Hiltscher, a Senior Marketing Professional in the Healthcare sector who has decided to pivot careers and to embrace a new persona in the art world. What has been her thinking process to take the jump? What are those skills she could transfer from one discipline to the other? What are those things she had to let go of ? We cover these important questions and many more as taking the leap requires more than just thinking about it! You need to do it at some stage to see if this is really what you want! Christina has worked in two large Healthcare companies (J&J and Medtronic), in various divisions. She lived and worked in 6 or 7 countries; depending how you count. If 1 month in Nepal in a local setting for charity counts, then 7. She held 7 different roles with increasing responsibility. Her last role was Marketing Director for Europe Middle East and Africa for a Therapy group generating 500mio$ a year. Her functional responsibilities were in sales, market development, marketing and business in MedTech, specifically Cardiology – Therapy and Diagnostics. Her background is in management, strategic planning and international marketing. She has an MBA from EADA business school in Barcelona. Christina is now the founder and Director of Hiltscher Consulting and has exchanged the healthcare space for art – where her passion lies.

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