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Part 1
Shaking Up the World of Work w/Bilge Apak & Aleksandra Potrykus

This Episode is divided into 3 parts where I talk with Bilge Apak and Aleksandra (Ola) Potrykus on how their World of Work has changed throughout their career and how they see the future World of Work changing in general. In Part 1 we get to hear their stories, their background and how they pivoted careers from a corporate setting to creating their own entrepreneurial initiatives with WeWent and Shake Up the Workplace. We also touch on topics like how to manage boundaries and the importance of physical and mental wellbeing when managing these postmodern very fluid work-life ways of being. This was a LIVE Event and you can also watch the video on YouTube WoW Channel. Bios of guest speakers: Bilge Apak – CEO of and Co-founder of Shake up the Workplace. Bilge believes the future is of those who dare unapologetically. After working long years in a corporate Bilge brought her technical expertise into improving workplace and employee dynamics through corporate education. in 2016 She co-founded, on-demand learning experts platform, and continues to challenge the status quo with Shake up the Workplace.Bilge is also active in women’s healthcare with her new project Tiny Pea. She has a Family Youtube vlog channel to give more understanding around multiracial families and raising multilingual kids. Ola Potrykus – Co-Founder of and Shake Up The Workplace. After 10+ years of Corporate HR experience (Talent & Organizational Effectiveness, Change Management and HR Business Partnering roles), she left the comfort zone 3 years ago to co-found a platform with learning experts, coaches and facilitators and formats to activate learning. In 2019 co-founded Shake Up the Workplace – a future of work ecosystem. Passionate about bringing people together to share ideas, uncover insights and create a future we desire. She enjoys delivering, designing and finding purposeful workshops to facilitate shifts and create high performing and engaged organizations. She is also a certified Agile HR Practitioner.Two beliefs guide Ola’s work – that everyone has potential and that as human beings we are a constant work in progress. In private: she loves yoga and travelling with her husband and 5.5 year-old daughter.

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