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the WoW of NGOs – Save the Children w/ Adrian Förster

In today’s episode I put the spotlight on a different world of work, the world of work of NGOs in general and of Save the Children in particular.

I met Adrian Förster, CEO of Save the Children Switzerland recently as I am hosting a live music and fundraising event for Save the Children on December 11 in Zürich and I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn more about what their world of work is like!

What are the challenges they face? What’s it like to work in an NGO? What led Adrian to pursue this path? How easy is it to attract talent? How do they measure success? As it’s quite an unknown world for me, and I suspect for many people, I had lots of questions!

Tune in to Part 1 ! And remember the WoW is also available as a video on my YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe so you’re always on the know of the latest releases!

Bio of Adrian Förster, CEO of Save the Children Switzerland
Growing up in Brazil and Argentina, Adrian was confronted at an early age with social inequality, poverty and children’s problems. For ten years, he led a development project for SAM global in Guinea and then served as Deputy Managing Director for the same organisation in Switzerland. For the last five years Adrian was CEO of TearFund Switzerland before joining Save the Children. He holds a Master in Law and a Bachelor in Theological and International Studies.

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