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Transitions, Careers, Regulations – Are we ready for the future w/ Murielle Antille

There is no doubt that we are witnessing an increase in mobility inside and outside companies and that transitions are the new normal. In this episode I am joined by Murielle Antille, Head of Government and Industry Affairs at LHH to discuss the topic from different perspectives. How ready are we to see transitions as the new normal? How do companies see this shift? How can individuals feel in control during these volatile times? This was a LIVE event and throughout the episode you will hear participants voicing their opinion on the matter.


Bio of Murielle Antille: As SVP, Head of Government and Industry Affairs with LHH, Murielle Antille is responsible for the relationships with external stakeholders such as policy makers, institutions, communities or think tanks. As a member of the Global Leadership Team and global thought leadership council, Murielle acts as an internal advisor on topics related to future of work, labor markets, regulations and further external developments impacting LHH’s activities. In the past, she held various functions in global sales as well as lead LHH European talent development business. Prior to joining LHH, Murielle worked in international business development, human capital management and partner management. Murielle holds an M.A. (lic. rer. publ. HSG) in economics, law and political science from the University of St. Gallen (HSG), Switzerland. She has worked and lived in Asia, Russia and Latin America.

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