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Season 3. Ep. 2 Part 1

The Digital Impact on Talent Mgmt w/ Dean Summlar

Digitisation is here to stay, whether we like it or not. Getting familiar with technology, understanding how it works and how it can help us in our careers is of vital importance no matter what your job is. In this episode we talk about Open Talent Market platforms and how Schneider Electric, a company of over 130’000 employees has implemented this technology. How has that changed mobility? Talent mgmt? Culture? What are the implications for leaders, HR and the employees themselves?

My guest speaker is Dean Summlar, VP Talent Mgmt & Learning, International at Schneider Electric. He has enjoyed a varied career in multiple industries including Retail, Healthcare as well as Energy Management & Automation. He started his career as a Commercial Manager leading large teams for UK Retailer Marks and Spencer Plc before diversifying his career into Human Resources in 2009. Dean first joined Schneider Electric in UK & Ireland in 2014. In 2017 he and his wife moved to Australia where he joined the Pacific Human Resources Team and has held several roles before his most recent appointment as VP Talent Mgmt & Leaning. Besides business and HR, Dean has a passion for how technology, business strategy and commerce intersect with human behaviour. He believes it is HR’s responsibility to develop new ways of responding to the changing demands this brings and rapidly develop strategies and culture to enable the workforce to learn and adapt.

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