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Season 3. Ep. 3 Part 1

Placement on Purpose w/ Eva Offermans

Placing the right talent in the right companies is what a good talent acquisition professional has to do. And this requires more than simply publishing job reqs, doing active searching, connecting with candidates and seeing whether they are a good match or not. In this episode with Eva Offermans we get to hear her views on talent acquisition, on the job market and why looking for a position on purpose as well as placing people with purposefulness in companies can make the difference in today’s world of work, even when the job market is choppy and people cannot be too choosey!
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Eva Offermans is an entrepreneur and talent expert living in New York City. Originally from the Netherlands, she considers herself a global citizen, having lived in Antwerp (Belgium), Barcelona (Spain), Lausanne (Switzerland), and Krakow (Poland), before coming to the US in 2016. Eva holds a master’s degree in psychology from the University of Maastricht. She started her career as an agency recruiter and then worked for more than a decade in inhouse Talent Acquisition roles across different industries, with her latest roles being VP of Global Talent Acquisition at an investment bank, and VP of Talent at a Tech startup. Since 2020, Eva runs her own talent agency, Placement on Purpose, from New York, where she partners with mission-driven corporates and startups in the US and Europe to hire the best talent, for today and tomorrow.

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