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Season 3. Ep. 4 Part 1

Charting New Career Paths in Today’s Environment w/ John Wegman

If you’ve been in the same professional swim lane for too long you may risk being stuck there, which is great if it’s what you want but it may not be so great if you project your career towards the future where it’s less about sticking to what you know and more about getting the skills you need to move ahead.

This and more is what we talk about with my guest, John Wegman!

John is a growth-oriented executive with a track record of driving business expansion, leading successful turnarounds, and implementing digital transformations. With over 20 years of industry experience, he has held key leadership positions with large enterprises including Vice President, Managing Director and Head of Strategy.  He started his career as a Materials Engineer and moved into equipment management within global supply chains, which after an MBA led to digitisation and data science. He has furthering enhanced his education to pursue a Master’s degree in AI & Robotics. Originally from the United States, he has worked on 4 continents and brings a genuinely global perspective to his work & leadership.

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