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Special Episode Dedicated to the Women of the World: Their Words, Our Voices

What a better way to celebrate Women’s Day & Week than to dedicate a special WoW to the Women of the World!

Through our voices we share the words and work of women who have inspired us so we can honour them, thank them and remember them in this special occasion. Their strength, courage and struggles are what make the world of women so intense and what continues to drive the need for awareness and change especially in relation to human rights, access to education, domestic violence and gender parity. This has been a fantastically enriching community experience: each speaker chose freely the text and quote they wanted to record and sent it to me. I then curated the production of the episode creating sounds and music as I was putting the clips together and following the emotions. I am grateful for their participation and willingness to take part of this!

The speakers and their chosen female author, artist, writer, philosopher or influencer, are:

  • Dorota Grabowska => Tamara de Lempicka & Michelle Obama
  • Federica Traverso => Natalia Ginzburg & Elif Shafak
  • Andrea Bressan => Mia Martini & Mary Shelley
  • Chiara Covone => Susan Jeffers
  • Xi Xi Jia => Anjali Sud
  • Nieves Tortosa => Coco Chanel
  • Vasco Teixeira => Jane Fonda
  • Gloria Zhang => Brene Brown
  • Petra Blume => Brene Brown
  • Irina Bouras => Simona Halep
  • Francesca Ceccherini => Hannah Arendt
  • Anat Wulff => Golda Meir
  • Germana Barba => Virginia Woolf

All rights reserved to the original authors of the texts and quotes that are being recited. For the song of Mia Martini, I took the liberty of freely translating and interpreting it from Italian to English to better render the full meaning of the lyrics. Original music score by Paola Granati.

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