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Part 1
The Art of Networking with Susan Kaye & Sunita Malhotra

Having a great CV and a great professional story to tell is not enough. You need to find someone who is interested in listening to it. And that is 80% of your job as a job seeker. It takes research, dedication and genuine interest when reaching out. This is why networking is such a critical component of any job search strategy (and not only!). It’s a skill and an art that starts with how you see it and approach it, and it is something that everyone can do and that everyone must do. Tune in to some of the tips on how to go about it with my special guests, Susan Kaye, a Senior HR business professional with extensive experience in all areas of the HR Function and an Executive outplacement Career Coach and Counsel, and Sunita Malhotra, owner and managing director of People’s Insights, who consults globally in strategic human resources, is also an executive coach, and in addition is a professor in several universities.

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